Supporting remote workers and locations since the 90's. CustomWare® can help you with remote worker productivity.

If you love your business software and it helps your employees be highly productive, and your inventory levels are at their optimum levels all year round and you have multiple office locations as well as at home workers that give productivity reports and it is fully integrated to the web, and you don't have monthly service fees, and you will use it as your business grows, then you don't need CustomWare. If not? Call or email.

Since 1978 CustomWare® Designs has designed, written, installed, and maintained customized business applications for over 300 industries in 29 countries for thousands of small to global-sized companies. CustomWare® is the "base" software with which we start. With over 130 user settings, CustomWare® can be used right "out of the box." Special needs are economically and quickly integrated to make CustomWare® do business your way.
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If you are looking for affordable customized, integrated business software with turn-key features you have found the right place!

You may have heard some types of software words thrown around and not know what they mean. There are 3 main types:

  1. Off the Shelf
  2. Bespoke or tailored
  3. Custom
Off the shelf and bespoke software usually start out the same - bespoke is a system already written and then it is tailored to your specific needs. Custom systems can also start out with a "base" system and then tailored. Few software companies start from scratch, although this is possible. For more detailed information, click here.

CustomWare® is a fully functional business accounting system with over 200 options to personalize the system to your needs. To know what it does "off the shelf" click here.

Cost? With employee productivity increasing 2 to 3 times, it pays for itself with that funtion alone. Add to that optimum inventory levels, the ability to grow and change with your business affordably it pays for itself quickly. We have clients that have used CustomWare® for over 40 years. Do you know of any other business software that can say that?

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