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Doing business your way.

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Since 1978 CustomWare® Designs has designed customized business applications for over 300 industries in 29 countries for thousands of small to global-sized companies. CustomWareŽ is the "base" software with which we start. With over 130 user settings, CustomWareŽ can be used right "out of the box." Special needs are economically and quickly integrated to make CustomWareŽ do business your way.

If you are looking for affordable customized, integrated business software with turn-key features, with or without internet integration, you have found the right place!

What jobs will CustomWare© do?
For a manufacturing or distribution company it will do payroll, purchase orders, inventory control, inventory level optimization, work-in-progress, labor distribution, job costing, order entry, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc. In other words, whatever business you're in, CustomWare© will help you run your business, your way, without your having to change the way you run things.

The Cost?
Virtually nothing. If CustomWare© cannot save you money--you really don't need CustomWare©. Users of CustomWare© save money, directly and indirectly.

What all this means to you.
It means eliminating the costly expenses of updates. It means no delays in getting jobs done. Savings to you of tens of thousands of dollars initially, and tens of thousands of dollars a year, every year, in low operating costs. Just a few days after you install CustomWare©, you'll be doing your invoicing, your statements, your purchase orders.

As we said before, incredible, BUT TRUE.

And remember, when you want to change something, you can, as a result of your needs, not the needs of the software.

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